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President's Message

Welcome to EWBSL website. We represent the Sri Lankan membership of EWB worldwide network. We are embarking on an exciting venture establishing EWBSL, here in Sri Lanka and we are excited to work towards people’s passion and skills to alleviate global poverty by empowering communities to make great strides towards sustainability, economic independence and better way of life.

EWBSL aims the disadvantaged communities in the country, and provide them with educational needs, sustainable engineering projects, social projects and community projects to uplift the living conditions of the needs. Engineers without Borders Sri Lanka(EWBSL) supports social projects through collaboration with other institutes addressing burning issues in sanitation, water, energy, recourse and waste management while providing experience to student and professional engineers to transform themselves into socially aware responsible leaders.

This web page is not just one method to find the communication between our organization and EWB International, but it is also the method to find out the co-operate extensions of EWBSL to other similar humanitarian organizations in Sri Lanka and their local and global partnerships.

We will also like to hold a special session in 11th International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment (ICSBE) 2020 in the beautiful city of Kandy, Sri Lanka on community and social projects of EWB. If you need further information, I suggest you to visit our web,

I gladly invite you to follow our progress and join in the adventure as we shape our future in engineering and social services and I strongly encourage you to participate and involve in our projects and special events. Finally, if you have ideas and suggestions please feel free to contact me via

Thank you.
Prof. Ranjith Dissanayake
President of EWB, Sri Lanka
Senior Professor Dept. of Civil Engineering,
University of Peradeniya.
Sri Lanka